WILLOW BOOT SALE Sun 12th Dec 2021 07848 004440          Last event of 2021

Baytree Boot Sale Now closed for 2021, 07860 652717

Sadlers Roundabout, Closed for 2021 07848 004500


From 5 to 9am for sellers and 6am for buyers

Public admission before 6am for buyers is now allowed but is charged at £3 per person

We have been running over 30 years and All our sites have excellent catering and flushing toilets. They are all in rural surroundings not car parks. The parking is controlled and there is usually space on the site next to the sale itself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What times are you open? A: All our sites open at 6am. Close at 1pm. The gate is open from 5am only for sellers : Public admission before 6am is charged £3 per person

Q. How can I be sure you are open on bad weather days? A. The first thing we do if we are cancelled is update the site mobile number shown above.  So always call first if you are in doubt. 

Q. What is the best time to arrive as a seller?  A:  It is possible to come at any time between 5am and 9am. We get busy so recommend coming early.

Q. Do I just turn up & pay? A: Yes, Only agreed caterers are pre-booked. 

Q. Do the public have to pay to visit the sales. A: Willow is free to park and visit /  Sadlers charge 50p per person But note;  Public admission for buyers/ public before 6am is charged £3 per person. From 6am it is free

Q. Can I do catering on site A: No. The caterers are all pre booked and prepaid. You can sell items that are strictly to take home such as cakes or jarred preserves, from a regular sellers pitch. 

Q. Can I get out early if I want to go? A.  If you think this is likely then you must let the staff know when they are directing you where to pitch. They will try to park you somewhere convenient. They will try to help you.

Q. Can we hire tables or clothes rails?  A. Sorry we do not offer this service

Q. How much is it to sell?   A. You need to check the tab above for each site because the prices can vary.

Q. Do I have to pay to bring in a trailer? Yes they are usually £5 extra.

Q. Are you on this week? The weather is looking like rain?  A. Again you should check each sites tab.  Each site has a different mobile which will be the first thing to be updated as they are on site We do try to update the website as soon as we change but this is often not possible.   

Q. Can I put up a Gazebo? A. Yes this is ok if it fits over your pitch and does not block the thoroughfare. You must let staff know when you are parking. However. This is at the Managers discretion. Sometimes there is not enough room.

Q. Do I find my own place to sell?  A.  No, our staff will direct you exactly where to pitch.

Q. Are your sales big? A; Our sites are all large. The capacity of each site is shown  when you click the site tab.  They all offer extensive parking for the public.

Q. I cannot see an answer here to my query. Who can I speak to. 

A:info@country-club-group.co.uk    We will get back to you with an answer promptly. Add your number if you need a call back.   



Main office

32 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6PG


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